The Muttley Crew



Minnie is the newest member of "The Crew". She's a tri-color English Springer Spaniel who was born on Feb. 5th, 2019. She's a water-hound and has found that the top step of the pool is the perfect place to lounge. She loves wrestling with Brinley and Monkey and has brought some extra energy to the group.



GG (Girlie Girl) is about 13 years old. We found her running with a large pack of dogs in Missouri City after Hurricane Ike in 2008. We took her in, went through heartworm treatments with her and she has been rewarding us ever since. She's part Pit Bull, 100% sweet and extremely patient.



Brinley is about 1 1/2 years old. She is a rescue from the College Station area. Brinley only has one speed and after she wears GG out, she simply moves onto her next victim. Usually this is Monkey, who, if he gets the upper-hand, she can easily sit on to get a submission. 



We brought Pepper with us when we bought the ranch. A city cat, turned country cat, she adapted very quickly and loves to explore the fence perimeter and likes to think she runs the house.



Bean wandered onto the ranch in the summer of 2018. She was skinny as a green bean (hence the name) and won our hearts instantly. She gave us 4 kittens shortly after her arrival. She loves wrestling with her son, Monkey, and still can put him in his place even though he now outweighs her. 



Monkey is Bean's kitten. He's 6 months old, already bigger than his mom and, in a good way, is afraid of nothing. He's also an excellent mouse & mole catcher and loves to show off his prizes to my wife before he eats them...under the bed...on her side...



Leona is one of the 2 barn cats that we inherited with the property. She's very shy with strangers but has warmed up to us and always watches over us when we're in the barn.



 Tigger is the other original barn cat. She's a sweet old girl always happy to get a quick belly rub and who can still let the dogs know who's boss when they annoy her by being "too" friendly. 



 Shirley is a Rhode Island Red who is a great layer and has only gotten broody once. (Make that twice.) She's really friendly and is great at catching grasshoppers in the pen. 

Salt 'n' Peppa


 Salt 'n' Peppa is a Barred Plymouth Rock. She follows you around in the yard waiting for treats and will let you pet her and pick her up when she's in the mood. She's a great layer for us.



 Moondust is a Blue Australorp who has a grey body and a beautiful reddish brown head & neck. She lays very dark brown eggs and once she got used to her new home, she has been laying very regularly. 

Lizzie (in memory)


Lizzie, with GG and Pepper, was a member of the original Muttley Crew who passed away at the age of 15 in January 2019. She was our early warning system at the ranch and was a huge part of our lives. We laid her to rest under a tree in a meadow on the ranch where she can forever watch over us.