All of our donkeys will be vaccinated before they are offered for sale. Their availability date is listed with their picture. 

We will accept names on a waiting list. A $250 deposit puts your name at the top of that list. 

For Sale - miniature donkeys


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Please be patient.

We should have new babies in May-June 2020.

We'll keep this site updated.

for sale - goats



 Age: Almost 3 years

Available: Now     Price: $200


He is a Spanish breed with long hair and weighs approx. 120-150 lbs.

He is a great guy, very energetic, very friendly once he gets to know you and a daily source of amusement. Whatever he is doing, jousting with the medicine ball or just running sideways, he does it 100% effort.

He's produced 4 kiddings with our 2 does. Three of these have produced triplets.

Note: We will not sell this animal for meat.