PPP Maggie

DOB: 4/1/2005

Height: 33"

Color: Light Gray Dun

Maggie is one of our original 3 donkeys. She has had 3 foals since we have had her. She's a great mom, very protective of her newborns, but gentle and outgoing.



DOB: 2/15/2002

Height: 32"

Color: Light Gray Dun with white face

Tootsie is our other original jenny. She is our oldest donkey and was a rescue so we have little information on her. She is not registered. She was very overweight when rescued and while she has lost the weight, her mane droops to one side due to the loss of mass. She given us 2 beautiful little foals. Tootsie is extremely smart and independent and is always the first one in or out of the paddock area. We are giving her a break and will not be breeding her in 2019. 


Daddy's GiGi

DOB: 11/24/2013

Height: 30.5"

Color: White/Red *FSW

GiGi is our youngest Jenny in the herd. She was the most timid when we got her, but since having her first foal in January 2019, her confidence has grown and she has become a great little mom. GiGi carries the Red gene and is small, so we are very excited about her future babies. 


Daddy's KiKi

 DOB: 2/1/2008

Height: 32.5"

Color: Brown & White Spotted

KiKi is a wonderful jenny and great mom. She's patient and tolerate with the young donkeys but will hold her ground if needed. She has a duel-heart design on her side and so we often call her "Lovey".


Daddy's Raquel Sue

 DOB: 9/9/2010

Height: 32"

Color: Brown & White Spotted

Raquel was the leader of our "Daddy's Girls" group when we first got them. She has since taken a lesser role in the group but is always quick to alert the others if something seems out of place. She has been a great mom shepherding her foal around but also allowing him the freedom to play and explore.