Munroe (Buck)

We got Munroe when he was 4 months old and were told that he was a Nigerian Dwarf......yep, we knew nothing about goats. Obviously, he is a Spanish breed with long hair and weighs about 100-120 lbs.

That being said, he is a great guy, very energetic, very friendly and a daily source of amusement. Whatever he is doing, jousting with the medicine ball or just running sideways, he gives it 100% of effort.

He's produced 3 kiddings this year with Rosalee and Truble.


Rosalee (Doe)

Rosalee is an Albine breed (I think). She had her first kidding in January of 2019 and tried to give us triplets. Unfortunately only Stuart survived the difficult birth, but Rosalee has recovered nicely.

Rosalee gave birth to triplets, Rocky, CC and Vee on July 20, 2019. All 3 kids are healthy and happy. Our Rosie is an over-achiever!


Truble (Doe)

Truble is a beautiful white girl with piercing blue eyes. She is also the most shy of the bunch and only allows you to pet her when she gets her animal cracker treats. She gave birth to Petey on 4/6/2019 and she is pregnant again.


Lacy & Lilly (Does)

We got Lacy and Lilly, twin, blue-eyed Dwarf Nigerian goats, in February 2019 when they were 4 months old. They are adorable and are very into getting your attention. They nibble on your pants, dress hems, tops of your rubber boats...if its within reach of their mouths, they're tasting it. And if its too high, they have no problem jumping up on your leg to get to those out of the reach goodies.


Tank (Buck)

We just got Tank on August 8, 2019 to be Lilly and Lacy's boyfriend. It took him about 1/2 a day to warm up to the girls (and vice versa), it's taking a little longer for us to be totally trusted. We hope he makes a great billy and that we have many kids out of this tribe and can't wait to see the colors they produce.

The Kids


Stuart (Wether)

DOB: 1/24/2019

Buck: Munroe

Doe: Rosalee

Stuart was the only surviving kid from triplets. He's named after the Stuart character from MadTV, because he had so many "Look what I can do!" moments. While very shy initially, he has really warmed up to us in the last month and actively seeks pets and snacks when we are in the pen.

And yes, he still has those "Look what I can do!" moments. 


Petey (Wether)

DOB: 4/6/2019

Buck: Munroe

Doe: Truble

Petey is the newest member of Muttley Ranch. His pitiful bleat and blue eyes will melt your heart. He's already running with the group and we hope that he and Stuart become lifetime pals.


Rocky (Wether)

DOB: 9/20/2019

Buck: Munroe

Doe: Rosalee

Where did those floppy ears come from? 

Your grand-goats got some splain'n to do!


CC (Wether)

DOB: 9/20/2019

Buck: Munroe

Doe: Rosalee

Petey's doppelganger. 

He's already butting heads with his brother for top kid bragging rights.


Vee (Doeling)

DOB: 9/20/2019

Buck: Munroe

Doe: Rosalee

Our little "Ice Queen".
She was the first one standing and the fastest of the bunch.


Jessie (Doeling)

DOB: 10/9/2019

Billy: Munroe

Nanny: Truble

The only girl in our new triplets. 

Jessie is the smallest, the sweetest and the bravest of the three. With her blue eyes, she will be a beauty.


Woody (Wether)

DOB: 10/9/2019

Buck: Munroe

Doe: Truble

Woody looks a lot like his sister but with more definition between the black and white. He has a cool black spot inside a white field on his left side and blue eyes like his mom and sis.


Buz (Wether)

DOB: 10/9/2019

Buck: Munroe

Doe: Truble

Buzz is white like his mom but with brown eyes like his dad. He's got a very interesting grey stripe down his back and some grey on the top of his head. We're looking forward to seeing how that evolves as he matures. He's the biggest, but also a momma's boy right now.