Muttley Ranch's CoCo (Jenny)

DOB: 1/26/2019

Sire: Courtney Bend Mr. Bojangles

Dam: Daddy's KiKi

Height: 27" (Immature)

Color: Brown

CoCo was our only Jenny in 2019 and she is a strong leader. She loves running with the youngsters and always wants to be at the head of the herd, even in front of the adults. She's sweet and curious with a particular interest in the cats and goats that she calls her neighbors.


Muttley Ranch's Poppy (Jenny)

DOB: 7/28/2018

Sire: Courtney Bend Mr. Bojangles

Dam: Tootsie

Height: 30" (Immature)

Color: Light Gray Dun

Poppy is Tootsie's daughter and so she cannot be registered, but that doesn't keep her from being the sweetest girl we have. She is quick to come up to you for a hug and a pet. She seems to also enjoy teaching the younger donkeys how to behave. She's tough at first but quickly becomes very tolerate of their annoying play antics.


Muttley Ranch's Cora Marie (Jenny)

DOB: 2/14/2018

Sire: Courtney Bend Mr. Bojangles

Dam: PPP Maggie

Height: 32" (Immature)

Color: Gray Dun

Cora Marie is Maggie's daughter and after going through her "teenager" phase, she has settled into being an independent and happy girl. She's quick to come up for carrots and treats and is interested in everything that is going on around her. She fits into the group well and enjoys her morning and evening scratch and pet sessions.